Shal'Aran illustration provided by Dariia Kasimova


Q: Who is running this zine?

That would be me, Mod Zora! I handle everything from emails to updates. My friends and parents help me ship the books and offer moral support.

Q: How do I contact a moderator?

You can contact me here, or on Tumblr through the ask boxthe IM system, or dropping me an email at If you really need to get in contact with me, feel free to message me directly on my twitter.

Q: What is the theme of the new zine?

The theme this time around is going to be focused on you! Well, specifically, your experiences through out the many World of Warcraft expansions. (From Vanilla to Legion!) Almost every creator I know has their own story to tell when it comes to WoW and I’m very interested in providing a way to collect and display these stories - sort of like a scrapbook of experiences. 

Q: Does that mean I can do whatever I want?

Sort of! The biggest rule is that the zine stays SFW. Upon/after sign ups, you will run your idea by me and once I have okay'ed it then you’re free to work on it. You may have up to three pages of either one or a combination of drawings, writing, comics, or illustrations. 

Q: Can I do a collaboration?

Of course!! That would be wonderful. For example, maybe you and your friend have characters together - one of you writes and the other draws - it would be totally neat if you guys had an illustrated short story. I’m going to try and be as lenient as I can when it comes to collaborations but it never hurts to run your idea by me.

Q: Can I draw my OCs or canon characters?

Yes! As long as it stays SFW you’re free to draw whoever you’d like!

Q: How many people can participate?

As of this moment, I’m not planning on capping involvement. With the Legion Zine, everyone who signed up was accepted. It started with 95 artists and only around 60 made it to the finish line. I will leave the sign ups open for a week and take the next week to evaluate how many I can take on. Most likely everyone will get a spot (as I love community) but if I feel like it would be too overwhelming to take everyone then we’ll cross that bridge when it gets here.

Q: Should I make my zine piece before I sign up?

Please don’t! I want to make sure that every piece will fit well in the book. I would prefer if all works in the zine were unpublished content as I think the zine should attain maximum success. If you have current WIPs, it may be possible for me to accept it for the zine. I will do my best to work with you!

Q: Will there be an opportunity to make merchandise?

I want to say yes but we will have to see. I don’t have experience in handling merchandise to go along with book but if there is enough interest from participating artists then I’ll try to make it work!

Q: Is this a for profit zine?

This is a charity zine! 


This time around, I will be paying artists and covering the printing costs of out pocket. Then ALL proceeds from the books will be donated to a charity decided upon by the artists.

I'd like to become an aoa artist but sign ups are closed. what can i do?

  • Don't worry! Once the next zine cycle opens, there will be ample opportunity to sign up for the next project.  
  • Until then, keep an eye out on our Tumblr or Twitter for updates!
  • OR sign up to be alerted for when new zine information/sign ups become available!